Child Dance Classes Wolverhampton & Brewood

There are a wide range of child dance classes on offer to children from the age of 3 years upwards.

Melody Bear Movement

(Suitable for children aged 3-5 years old)

With the help of Melody Bear, children are introduced to the very basics of ballet. Using imaginative and themed exercises, children learn how to skip, march, jump and count.

Melody Bear Movement helps with co-ordination, imagination, creative development, self confidence and social interaction.

Mini Modern and Tiny Tap

(Suitable for children aged 4-6 years old)

This a combined class designed to introduce the basics of modern and tap. Using musical instruments and fun, themed exercises the class helps to develop spatial awareness, co-ordination and a sense of rhythm.

Cecchetti Classical Ballet

(Suitable for children aged 5 years upwards)

The Cecchetti Classical Ballet Method is centred around the principals of balance, harmony, musicality and purity of line. The Method is unique in it’s teaching and develops well rounded, confident dancers.

Maestro Enrico Cecchetti, Italian born former ballet master to Diaghilev’s Ballets Russes Company created his unique Method for ballet training at the end of the nineteenth century. Whilst teaching at the Maryinskii School in St. Petersburg he privately coached Anna Pavlova and began to hone his Method.

Cecchetti is widely recognised as one of the greatest ballet teachers in history. His Method is still followed by schools and professional companies around the world, including Britain’s Royal Ballet Company.

Children have the option to take exams in the ISTD Cecchetti Method at the teachers’ discretion. On reaching Grade 1, children are required to attend two ballet classes per week in order to attain the required standard if wishing to take exams.

Theatre Stars

(Suitable for children aged 4 years upwards)

A fun, dynamic class introducing songs and dances from all your favourite musicals. Singing and drama are incorporated into the class, taught by professional teachers. Our ‘Mini Theatre Stars’ class is suitable for children aged 4-6 years old, before moving to our full ‘Theatre Stars’ class for children aged 7 years upwards. A different musical is studied each term culminating in a short presentation for parents. No exams are taken in this class.

Modern Theatre

Suitable for children aged 6 years upwards.

Modern Theatre originated in America. It is often used in musical productions and is know for being a dynamic, high energy dance form. Modern incorporates leaps, high kicks and fast turns. Dancers develop strength as well as flexibility and stamina!’

Contemporary Dance

(Suitable for students aged of 7 years old upwards)

Contemporary is a combination of classical and modern technique. It develops core strength, posture and flexibility. This is a none exam class, designed to compliment existing dance training.

Tap Dance

(Suitable for children aged 6 years upwards)

Tap is the language of the feet. Using different rhythms and time signatures, children develop a well tuned sense of musicality, along with co-ordination and appreciation of different types of music. Exams can be taken with the ISTD from the age of 6 years old at the teachers’


Suitable for children aged 4 upwards.

Jazz is a fusion of dance techniques, creating an energetic, relaxed and funky class. Children learn jazz technique, as well learning routines to all their favourite pop songs. This is a non exam class, open to all levels of dance experience. A great class to build self confidence as well as keeping active and having fun! Our Junior Jazz class is suitable for younger children aged 4-6 years old, before moving up to Intermediate and Advanced classes for older pupils.  

Pointe Work

This technique is taught as part of classical ballet training. Dancing ‘en pointe’ requires tremendous strength of the legs and feet. Students will only begin pointe work at the teacher’s discretion and only when the correct strength and commitment to ballet has been shown.



(Suitable for children aged 7 years old upwards)

This is a none exam class, aimed at students wishing to enhance their existing dance training. The class focuses on improving flexibility using various props and exercises specifically designed for dancers. It also works as a body conditioning class, strengthening major muscles groups needed for dance and ballet training, especially the abdominals.